CNESCO (Conseil National d'Evaluation Scolaire) - France

The National Council for School System Evaluation (Cnesco) was created for a six-year term by the French Law on the restructuring of the school system adopted on the 8th of July 2013.

Cnesco is in charge of performing an evaluation of the education which aims to develop a better knowledge of the academic world for the different stakeholders (pupils, parents, professionals of the National Education and other ministries related to the academic area, regional authorities…) as well as the general public.

Its main tasks are to produce, summarize and broadcast evaluations regarding the functioning and results of the school system in an international scope, and the methodologies used by evaluators.

Cnesco published, on 11 April 2109, the conclusions of the consensus conference on foreign languages. The complete dossier is available at
The dossier includes the recommendations of the conference jury, as well as four scientific evaluation reports and all the experts' presentations and input.

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Activity report 2017 (in French):

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